The House Builders Who Listen To You Plus A 10 Year Guarantee

When you are building a new home there are a few things that are really important to you.

Those usual complaints about residential builders are:

  • Not keeping to budget
  • Not keeping to the time schedule and
  • Not listening to your requests and ideas

At Walker Adolph, that won't happen. For one thing, we wouldn't like the grief we'd get from upset owners if we had to say, "Here are your keys when you give us a cheque for $xxxxx." Hmm, we don't fancy those conversations.

So we price, plan and manage your house design and build or renovations project as if it was our own. And to be honest, they do feel like our own projects.

"Warren, who project managed the building of our home, was like a friend during the whole process" - Alison Burt.

And how often have you heard new home owners say something like, "It's not quite what we wanted but the house building company said it was the best way."

Again, not with Walker Adolph.

Our promise to you - You ask. We listen. We build.

No stress house building with a 10 year guarantee.

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Designing and Building a new home is a lot more than just a construction job for Walker Adolph Homes.

"We link the needs of the client to the design as well as the site, taking into account the best aspects of the site and living requirements"

The company founders, Blair Walker and Warren Adolph, view every project as though it was designed for themselves.

And that's what their clients say too. The usual stress of building a home disappears as a result of the Walker Adolph commitment to excellent communication and project management.

Blair and Warren have developed a strong reputation over more than 20 years for high quality workmanship, outstanding working relationships and bringing home projects without stress; on time and on budget.

Their philosophy is passed on to the Walker Adolph teams who are expert at delivering a range of building projects; whether from pre-designed or architecturally designed homes through to transportable homes and renovations.

Walker Adolp's reputation and workmanship is as enduring as the homes they build.

Warren Adolph and Blair Walker founded the company on principles of trust, high quality workmanship and excellent communication skills with their clients.

Warren and Blair have worked together in the building trade for more than 20 years and have a reputation for bringing the personal touch to all their building projects.

They've built an excellent reputation with clients for being great communicators, highly professional and accomplished project managers.

"We treat any job as if it was our own house. We give advice to people when they want it, follow the brief to the letter when they want it, and are flexible when it's needed." - Warren Adolph

Blair and Warren have developed a unique ability for creating exceptional designs and being able to offer constructive, practical and sound advice to make clients' vision for their homes a reality. Frequently they turn the daunting task of designing and building a new home into a stress-free experience.

Blair Walker and Warren Adolph have put together a talented and loyal team, with foremen and builders who have been with them for many years and share their approach to quality and good service to clients.

"All the guys on the job from Walker Adolph have a similar attitude. They were good listeners, helpful, coming up with ideas and willing to consult us and look at alternatives when needed." - Alison Burt


Walker Adolph Homes can complete any residential building task, from pre-designed or architecturally designed homes through to transportable homes and renovations.

"Blair and Warren just seem to know where you are coming from. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted. At the same time they were very aware of our budget, and came up with alternatives when we were after features that would cost too much." - Anne Kortegast

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