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Building a minor dwelling could be easier than you think.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Regulations minor dwelling Auckland Council
New minor dwelling Mt Eden by Warren Adolph Homes

With high Auckland property prices, Licensed Builders Warren Adolph Homes takes a look at the growing demand for minor dwellings Auckland-wide.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, we've been fielding enquiries from more homeowners about adding a tiny home, a home-and-income, granny flat or sleep out. Seems like the kids are coming home. Or the in-laws are moving in!

Understanding Auckland’s Unitary Plan

Googling minor dwelling regulations Auckland Council provides a huge raft of information around zoning rules, subdividing and Auckland’s Unitary Plan.

The Unitary Plan geographically identifies land usage from housing to heavy industrial, what you can build in a zone and permitted building heights.

The revisions have been a game-changer for homeowners sitting on generous sections in desirable leafy suburbs. It’s now more straightforward to add a second dwelling to your section without the complexity or cost of subdividing or applying for additional consents.

The flexibility to transform spare land into an income-generating asset has paved many a retirement fund and mortgage-free life. As long as you comply with certain rules around access and site coverage, permitted activities include the ability to:

1. Convert an existing dwelling into two units, for homes existing on September 30, 2013. · 2. Add a minor dwelling no larger than 65sq m.

3. House up to three dwellings in the Mixed Housing Suburban and Urban Zones as long as each dwelling sits on a minimum established 300sq m site.

Minor dwelling rules differ depending on where your property is located

Most Auckland houses will fall under one of three categories:

  • A Single House Zone – a minor dwelling can be built of up to 65m2.

  • A Mixed Housing Suburban Zone – each section can have up to two dwellings without resource consent.

  • A Mixed House Urban Zone – each section can have up to two dwellings without resource consent and buildings can be higher.

When does a minor dwelling require a building consent?

A building consent may be required for your project depending on:

  • the floor size

  • the height of the building

  • how close it is to the section boundaries or other homes

  • whether it will have cooking and toilet facilities

Check that your minor dwelling plan meets the criteria for your property’s zone. First find your zone by looking up your address on the Auckland Unitary Plan here.

Then check what’s allowed in your property zone on Auckland Council’s online consent tool . Alternatively call or email Auckland Council with your questions.

Choose a Licensed Auckland builder with minor dwelling experience.

Selecting a builder who can demonstrate expertise in your specific type of project is essential. Warren Adolph Homes are experienced minor dwelling builders in Auckland with a 30-year track record in new house builds and alterations.

We recently completed a minor dwelling for a retired couple on the back of their Mt Eden section (pictured). Their adult daughter then moved into the existing family home on the front of the site. Here’s what parents Rene and Leslie said about their new minor dwelling.

“Our little home feels spacious, light, warm in the cooler months and cool in the summer. We are very happy and love it. Everything about this job was just so well done and so easy. We can unreservedly recommend Warren Adolph Homes and their tradesmen. Just brilliant! “

Warren Adolph Homes can project manage your minor dwelling from concept to completion with our team of registered Licensed Builders. We will ensure your minor dwelling plan complies with the Auckland Council regulations specific to your area.

Adding a new minor dwelling could put you in a better financial position, pay off the mortgage, or create a home for adult children or elderly parents. Your project deserves nothing less than the best licensed home builders Auckland has to offer. Warren Adolph Homes can help deliver the ideal stress-free solution.

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