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How to avoid costly home maintenance

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Spring has sprung and with most of us sheltering in place, this is the perfect time to give your house a warrant of fitness and get stuck into jobs around the home. We're certainly taking advantage of the lockdown to strike a few tasks off the list.

Your house, regardless of age, requires interior and exterior maintenance all year round. Preventative action can reduce the risk of corrosion, accidents, damage and costly repairs. Not to mention preserve your home’s value, safety and comfort. Warren Adolph Homes and their network of tradies – electricians, painters and plumbers - can help you attack any major home maintenance projects. (Please get in the professionals for any major repairs.)

Here’s a checklist to help you get cracking :

  • Check under the bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets for leaks.

  • Check any air conditioning unit vents for dust – replace filters.

  • Check your home’s cladding and basement for cracks and peeling paint.

  • Book a house paint (every 8-10 years) depending on condition and location to protect the cladding. Check the paint condition on outdoor pergolas and fencing too.

  • Pressure wash or water blast your home’s exterior to preserve the paint finish for longer.

  • Clean the kitchen extraction fan filter in hot soapy water.

  • Defrost your freezer and clean it - including the drip trays.

  • Clean your dishwasher with a Finish-Aid rinse, remove the filter and wipe clean around the rubber seals. Inspect them for deterioration.

  • Inspect the flashings and seals around the outside windows for deterioration.

  • Remove lint from the dryer vent. Do a laundry wash cycle without clothes to deep cleanse the bowl.

  • Book a chimney clean in October.

  • Clean out the gutters of leaves and debris after the next storm. Make sure to pitch the ladder on an even surface.

  • Schedule a roof inspection (every few years) in Level 2.

  • Schedule an air conditioning service to check and replace filters (annually).

  • Schedule an internal vacuum system service (every year).

  • Check the tile grout for deterioration in all bathrooms.

  • Clean the windows both sides to remove mould build up and smears.

  • Check your curtain linings for mildew and mould. Book a curtain dry clean with Mr Sparkle.

  • Wet clean carpet with a Rug Doctor machine to get out stains and lift engrained dirt – supermarket hire available.

  • Apply Wet and Forget on decking and wooden furniture to remove mould and mildew (keep the pets inside).

  • Check decking and fencing for rot and make a plan to replace deteriorating boards.

  • Plant seasonal vegetables in planters and set up a watering reminder in your phone.

Spring is the ideal time to get outdoors to enjoy your home, garden and outdoor living areas.

Take advantage of the longer days to knock off some of your exterior home maintenance and to dream up some renovation ideas. Check out some of our recent outdoor projects here for inspiration.

Get in touch with Warren Adolph Homes to discuss any renovation plans – whether it’s a refresh or a major upgrade, we’ll come armed with practical ideas.

When you’re ready to chat, please phone Warren or Andrew. We look forward to hearing from you and resuming our onsite consultations in Level 2!


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